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The Tim DeChristopher Deal–a civilly disobedient free offer

Famed and heroic climate activist Tim DeChristopher of Salt Lake City has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for making bogus bids in a government lease auction sponsored by the corrupt George W. Bush administration in the last days of his administration. DeChristopher posed as an oil company agent in 2008, bidding on publicly-owned lands near Utah’s national parks that other oil companies wanted to rip open for fossil fuels. But those lands are untouched today, due in no small part to the attention DeChristopher brought to the auction, which the Obama administration later nullified, agreeing with environmentalists that the auction was inappropriate. The Obama Justice Department, however, never thanked DeChristopher, instead choosing to imprison him.

After the sentencing, activists tied themselves to the court house doors to express their dismay at the injustice committed by the U.S. Government against a man of conscience who did a good thing for the Earth. Twenty-six people went to jail.

You can put me in prison but it will not deter my future of civil disobedience and it won’t deter others who are willing to fight to defend a livable future. – Tim DeChristopher

Anyone who was tied to the federal courthouse yesterday gets free lunch on City Dogs. If you weren’t at the court house yesterday, commit your own act of civil disobedience on behalf of climate justice or any other type of justice, document it with pictures, and you too get free lunch from City Dogs–today or any day. That’s a standing offer.

If you need some help with ideas for civil disobedience, the good folks at Peaceful Uprising can give you some tips.  Check ’em out:


Update 1: Thanks to the Salt Lake Tribune’s Sean Means for blogging about the Tim DeChristopher deal. Means writes, “The downside of civil disobedience: the threat of jail time. The upside to civil disobedience: free hot dogs!”  Read more

Update 2: Civil disobedience is usually understood to involve illegal activity, i.e., the activist civilly disobeys the law and law enforcement officers in the process of political speech. However, there are other rules and regulations in our lives that one may disobey to make a political point. For example, one of City Dogs’ big pet peeves is workplaces, housing developments, schools, churches and other places that still, in 2011, do not provide recycling services. To make a positive change, one could start a pile of recyclable materials next to the garbage can–and rally others to do the same–until the powers that be agree to provide a recycle bin. It’s civilly disobedient, but well below the threshold of illegal activity. Get creative. 

Ice Cream day from Chocolate Conspiracy

For today only–and probably as an ongoing thing on Thursdays and Fridays–City Dogs is selling vegan ice cream from Salt Lake City’s own Chocolate Conspiracy.

You’ve seen their raw artisan chocolates at Cali’s Natural Foods, SL Citizen, Q Clothing, and Earth Goods General Store, among other places. You may have seen their ice cream–still new in the product line–at Craft Sabbath.

The delicious animal-free, cashew-based ice cream comes in an 8 oz. cup and sells for $5.  Today, however, we’re going to sell them for only $4. 


Buy an ice cream and get a $1 off your meal. Sweet.

Check out more info on our new ice cream vendor: Chocolate Conspiracy.

Get $1.50 off on Italian Sausage meal

Hey City Doggers.  Today we’re having a special on the Italian Sausages, a savory treat made with sun dried tomatoes and basil.

Made from all plant sources including organic, non-GMO soy, the Italian Sausages are a treat for your health despite their sinful flavor. Try them with onions and mustard!

Compare these nutritional facts about the City Dogs Italian Sausage to a typical meat sausage: half the fat, a quarter less sodium and there’s zero cholesterol in a City Dogs Italian Sausage. On the plus side, there’s more good news: City Dogs Italian Sausages have 65 percent more protein (29 grams) than a typical meat sausage, only 270 calories and 13 grams of fat (20 percent recommended daily value). And if you’re counting carbs, we have good news for you: City Dogs Italian Sausage has only 12 grams of carbohydrates, or just 4 percent of the recommended daily value.

When people ask vegetarians and vegans, “Where do you get your protein?” Tell them the truth: City Dogs have more protein than animal products!

Come on down and get an Italian Sausage with chips and a drink for just $5 today (usually $6.50). 

Get $1 off Dillos

Special today: get $1 off on a scrumptious Dillo when you spend $5. 

Dillos are gourmet, amazing snack desserts made by Salt Lake City’s own Cakewalk Baking Company. 

Come get lunch but save room for dessert! 


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