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Utah Beer Festival Saturday with City Dogs

Two notes today:

First, we’re going to be a bit late to the corner today. The illustrious (eyeroll) United Natural Foods Inc. has me showing up to yet another new location to pick up my food order at yet another time that’s not completely convenient to me.  It’s possible this will go so smoothly that I will be ready to serve on the corner at 11:30 a.m. like usual, but my money’s on me being a bit late today, maybe 20-30 minutes. Sorry ’bout that.

Second, the 2nd Annual Utah Beer Festival hosted by the seriously awesome Salt Lake City Weekly is this Saturday at 1 p.m. and City Dogs is going to be there. The celebration of Utah beer is held on the grounds of the City County Building (entrance at 400 South and State Street).  Tickets are $15 and good for five hours of beer drinking fun.

Buy Tickets Here

Just get a look at this list of breweries that are attending the festival: Squatter’s, Wasatch, Bohemian, Uinta Classic Line , Crooked Line, Organic Line, Roosters 25th Street, Ruby River, Shades of Pale, Epic, Hoppers, Desert Edge, Red Rock, Moab (NEW this year!), Park City (NEW this year!), Tracks (NEW this year!).

What could possibly go better with beer than a beer brat from City Dogs?  

See you then.

Update: Serving dogs at international Tour of Utah

Update: Sept. 13– City Dogs will be located on the east side of East Capitol Boulevard near the start/finish line. We will be ready to serve at noon

Do you know how awesome and important the Tour of Utah bicycle race is? It’s a top-notch event globally and one of the three most important cycling races in the United States this year. Cool, huh? And City Dogs will be serving our delicious wieners near the start/finish line at the state Capitol starting at noonish Saturday, August 13. Come on up!

Honestly, I had to educate myself about the race before I got excited. A bicycling regular at City Dogs told me the racers do nine laps basically around and through the Avenues (map at left). That sounds cool.

This Cycling News article and the Tour’s own homepage helped excite me too.  Here’s what I learned:

    • Because of our awesome terrain, the international bicycling overlords let Tour of Utah skip a step or two in becoming a top-notch race (thank you Wasatch Mountains!)
    • Jeffrey Louder lives in Salt Lake City, is a former Tour of Utah winner and is competing this week with BMC Racing, the Tour de France winning team! So now you know who to root for ;)

  • There are 5 stages of the race and one “prologue” today in Park City when the race begins. The nine laps around the Avenues in Salt Lake City Saturday is stage 4. The final stage Sunday is a 100-mile race to Snowbird starting west of the Jordanelle Reservoir, over to Kamas, down to Midway and Deer Creek Reservoir, popping out into the Wasatch Front at Alpine in Utah County then up Little Cottonwood Canyon Road to Snowbird (whoa!).

And from the Salt Lake Tribune: “Prize money has jumped from $45,000 to $116,000, and five teams from the Tour de France will be competing, including the overall winner, Team BMC.” (more)

City Dogs has confirmed we’ll be serving somewhere on the Capitol grounds Saturday but we don’t have more specific information yet. We’ll post more details when we have them.

So, wiener lovers, I think you know what you’re doing Saturday. It should be much easier to spectate than the other stages due to the laps.

See you there!

City Dogs at the Twilight Concert Series

It is so that time again; time for Salt Lake City’s premier music event of the year, the Twilight Concert Series. City Dogs will be there, every Thursday, for the next 8 weeks, starting tonight with the bands Explosions in the Sky and No Age.

Admission is always FREE! Doors open at 5 p.m.

Tonight’s menu will include hot dogs, beer brats, Italian Sausages, Dillos from Cakewalk Baking Company, chocolate ice cream from Chocolate Conspiracy, and Rockstar energy drinks so you can party like uh…, well, you get it.

If you haven’t been to the Twilight shows since their move to Pioneer Park then you really must check them out again. The cramped digs at the old location threatened to ruin the whole event for anyone over 20, so I’m happy to say that having an entire city block–Pioneer Park at 400 South 400 West–allows the enormous crowd breathing room. Don’t expect to get too close to the stage, but there’s even room for strollers now in case you want to be a rockin’ momma or daddy.

Today we will be closing at 2:30 p.m. at our normal location, 200 East 300 South, in order to prepare for this massive event on the other side of downtown.

Next week’s show is one of my favorites, The Decemberists.  You won’t want to miss that. For the complete lineup and more information, click here.

City Dogs serving at Sugar House Fireworks

City Dogs will be serving delicious dogs at the Sugar House 4th of July fireworks celebration on Monday at Sugar House Park, 1300 East 2100 South in Salt Lake City.

There will be two locations in the park for food vendors.  There will be a strip of food vendors on the road to the west of the pond, right along 1300 East.  That’s where City Dogs will be.

We will be selling hot dogs, brats, Italian Sausages, Dillos from Cakewalk Baking, and ice cream from Chocolate Conspiracy.

As many as 40,000 attendees are expected. We hope you are one of them! And if you are, come get a dog.

Commence Mutt Struttin’

Next Saturday will (hopefully)  be a lovely day for the massive doggy get together known as Strut Your Mutt, sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society and the society’s No More Homeless Pets of Utah program. City Dogs will be there slingin’ wieners,  so please stop by. Note the location has changed to Veterans Memorial Park in West Jordan.

I’ll bring wieners for attendees and even their dogs (doggies love City Dogs’ franks).

Best Friends is trying to raise $170,000 for local animal rescue organizations and so far have collected about $41,000.

If you’ve never mutt strutted before with Best Friends, then come one down to Veterans Memorial Park May 21. For more information, go to and City Dogs will see you there.

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