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Pride Parade day, benefitting Equality Utah and Peaceful Uprising

Ah, gay pride time once again.  How exciting.  City Dogs wants to honor all the queer folk out there in SLC and beyond– especially you proud and queer vegans and vegetarians–so we’re doing some special stuff this weekend during the gay pride parade Sunday.  We’ll open at 9 a.m. at our normal location, 200 East 300 South, across from Tavernacle and 1 block north of the gay pride festival entrance. (note: we will not be at the gay pride festival grounds and will be open only during the parade and thereafter).

First, we’re donating 5 percent of Sunday’s proceeds to Equality Utah and another 5 percent to Peaceful Uprising (because what good is gay pride without an atmosphere?). As always, though I’ve never mentioned it, each purchase of any dog at City Dogs also benefits Humane Society U.S. because the supplier of the dogs is a proud supporter of animal rights.

Second, pride is only half the battle; societal change requires political influence and power, and not just for presidential elections, but even city council, school board and other “smaller” races. To help inspire the community to not just shake its asses with pride but shake those asses into the political arena, City Dogs is hosting a vote-by-mail voter registration drive. Trust us, if you don’t already vote by mail, you want to take this option. If you are not registered at your current address, if your name has changed or if–perhaps, gasp–you’ve never registered or voted before, then come register to vote! All the radical kids–the queers, the vegans, the environmentalists, the bicyclists, the freaks, the grandmas on unicycles, you know, the cool kids–they’re all doing it and they want you to join them.

When: Sunday, June 5, 9 a.m. to noon (or later)
Where: 200 East 300 South, 1 block from the festival entrance


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