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Cart broken–closed today for repairs

City Dogs’ trailer jack is broken.  It happened Saturday as we prepared to head to Jam for the gig mentioned in the last blog post.  Sorry we never made it.

The jack pushes the cart up and down to assist in putting it on the hitch of a vehicle. I’m hoping to have it repaired immediately.

In other news, some of you already met Joe. He worked at City Dogs just two days–not even enough time for us to take his picture and put him on this blog. He was riding his bicycle home on Fort Union Boulevard Friday after his shift at the cart and was hit by a car. He spent the night in the hospital with multiple injuries, including a broken arm and lots of bloody cuts and scrapes.  We wish Joe well and hope for a speedy recovery.

Injured Puppy – Closed Today

I nearly pulled my arm off my body last night while shutting down after the Twilight Concert Series–which went super-well, by the way. Thanks to everybody who stopped by!

My shoulder now is all jacked up.  I can’t lift my arm perpendicular to my body or over my head without a major wince of pain.

The story: I was pushing the cart to attach it to my car hitch and it wouldn’t move in the grass after sorta digging itself into a hole under it’s own weight all night. So I pushed really, really hard and all the sudden it moved in a jolt and my totally tensed Deltoid in my right arm was then pulled/stretched very abruptly.  It started hurting immediately and got much worse over the next hour. Now it’s a constant dull pain and super-sharp pain if I move it wrong. And of course it has to be my right, dominant arm.

I’ll be doing R.I.C.E. treatment all weekend (update: and NSAIDs, thanks Tari), hoping that by Monday it will be functional. Fridays have started to be very busy days on the corner so I’m super-bummed I’m going to miss it, but I haven’t been able to recruit any trained helper dogs–they have real jobs and lives, after all–so today we will be closed.

See you next week and thanks again for making our night at Twilight Concert Series superbly successful–it was really fun seeing my regular customers and lots of new faces. Love you guys!

Opening Late, maybe closed today

City Dogs will be at least 1 hour late today or perhaps closed entirely (we’ll update later). We’re having unexpected issues with a water pump and need to replace it. 

We have a big weekend planned so the cart has to be operational.  We’ll give you details on our exciting weekend plans tommorrow. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 


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