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LiveGreen 2013

Come join us for the LiveGreen Festival! It is a great festival and a fun time, plus it’s free to get into. Check out the companies that are green, then come have some delicious City Dogs, drinks, and enjoy the music! See you there!

What to do Wed. July 11th? Come join us

What to do Wed. July 11th?

Come join us at the Natural History Museum from 5-7. Now is a great chance to check out the museum with their extended hours on Wednesdays during the summer. We’ll be there this Wednesday and August 22nd. Come enjoy some dogs and everything the museum has to offer.

News you’ve all been waiting for, we ha

News you’ve all been waiting for, we have passed everything and can finally open!! Our official day on the corner will be May 7th, but we’ll be @livegreenslc May 5th from 10-6. If you can’t wait until Monday to get a dog, come see us there!

City Dogs Sold!

Wanted to do an update so people know what’s going on. Yes City Dogs has been sold and there won’t be too many changes. We’ll keep the same menu, hoping to do some specials and going to extend the hours. We’re going to see how it goes with staying open until 7ish and open on Saturdays, unless there is an event going on.

So now I’m sure you’re asking, “When will you be open?” I can’t give an exact date yet, but hopefully in a couple weeks. We are working to get everything switched over and legal again. Right now we’re just mostly waiting on the state, which hopefully with my persistent calling will be soon. Once we have an exact date we’ll will let you all know, until then please don’t forget about us and hold out a little longer for some delicious dogs!

City Dogs is for sale

Sit under fluorescent lights behind windows that don’t open. Destroy your wrists and hands on years of keyboarding and mousing for the man. Continue the job your oppressive employer wants done regardless of whether it’s fun or ethical, much less meaningful. Ask permission for time off–and be denied.

Or do something completely different, completely your own, and completely awesome. 

City Dogs, an institution in SLC vegan eating, needs a new chief.

Yes, the beloved vegan hot dog street vending cart business is for sale. City Dogs is at an exciting stage of evolution–with at least two distinct avenues/strategies it can pursue–but I am not the person to do either of these. Over the past year I’ve become very busy with other projects and don’t have the time to give my all to City Dogs. It brings me great melancholy to let it go.

Since 2009, City Dogs has operated as a micro-enterprise, rewarding its owners with modest income and a relatively easy, stress-free life. City Dogs is well past the point where it can evolve successfully into a small business, generating a lot more revenue than it does currently, but also requiring more time and attention.

Avenue 1: growth strategy. City Dogs is beloved and recognized. Customers constantly beg for longer hours and more availability.  City Dogs can become a vastly more robust profit generator, but it needs to expand–either with longer hours, a second cart, maybe even a fixed location (and keep the cart for weekend festivals, catering, etc.). City Dogs probably becomes an employer of several part-time employees.

Avenue 2: freedom strategy. This is the business model that City Dogs regulars are familiar with. For three years, City Dogs has operated during lunch hours downtown and at special events across the Wasatch Front on many but not all weekends. The operating model has been honed over the years to create a small-business income that nevertheless demands a modest workload for the proprietor.  Even under this model, City Dogs has been profitable all three years promoted mostly with free social/online marketing, but also three years of advertising (in SLUG and Salt Lake City Weekly).

New in 2011: 

Included in the sale: 

  • The City Dogs cart–meets all Salt Lake City codes for mobile food vending, including 10-gallon water tank, warm-water handwash station, two storage compartments, large grill and space for 6 full steam trays or 12 half-size. New tires, new battery, new jack and one new steam pan in 2011.
  • All logos, menus, coupons and other graphics.
  • Recipes for the chili, The Best Potato Salad Downtown, and the Mad Hatter tempeh salad wrap.
  • Coolers, tables, condiment trays, and all other accessory items
  • All online property (Facebook and Twitter account, as well as, trademarks and other intellectual property
  • Training, coaching and guidance on mobile food vending business
  • Optional: 2004 Saturn Ion with trailer hitch ($5,500)
  • Commissary lease and all necessary permits
What you’ll need:
  • Any decent vehicle with a trailer hitch (even little cars can pull it)

This is the sale of a so-called “turn-key business.” Just step behind the cart and all the decisions, all the plans, all the strategies, and all the routines have already been planned, honed and nearly perfected (it’s up to you to make them perfect).

Price: $12,500, or best offer.

Think of it this way: it’s the price of a decent car, but how many cars make you money and provide you with meaningful freedom?

Interested?  Call 435-228-8087 and LEAVE A MESSAGE with your phone number. Or fill out the form below.

Last 3 days!

Hey Friends… City Dogs is about ready to settle down for winter hibernation. This Friday, Oct. 21, will be our last day of the season.

Our closeout sale continues.  Italian Sausages and beer brats are only $3.50 this week (reg. $5) and BBQ rib sandwiches only $4 (reg. $6).

Come down for your last favorite meal before you’ll have to wait until.

Thank you all for such an amazing year!

Huge end-of-season sales–Closing Day later this month

We’re hitting the corner again today with lower prices than ever before. We have to sell-out of all our food stock before the winter season sets in, and that means discounts for you.

Starting today until the end of the season, juicy delicious beer brats and yummy Italian sausages are only $3.50–that’s more than a dollar off their original price.

The crowd-pleasing BBQ rib sandwich is dropping to only $4!  That’s two bucks off the regular price. If you’ve never tried one before, now is the time.

People keep asking: “when are you going to close for the season?” That day is undetermined, but will be sometime this month. We have some food in the cooler that needs to get sold or will expire over the winter. When that’s gone, we’ll close until spring. That last day could be Halloween, but we could be closed earlier.

update: I forgot to mention that we’ll have new fall hours.  From now until the end of the season, we’ll be open from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 


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