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Closed this week, open next week with discounts

We’re asked frequently by beloved friends and customers how long we intend to stay open this fall. There is no clear date we can provide; frankly, we’re just trying to sell out of some inventory stacked in the cooler, and then we’ll shut down for the winter (we’ll open again in the spring around March or April).

We only have enough food to operate, oh, say, 12 to 15 days more, then we anticipate being close to zero-inventory, so around Halloween will be our last day unless something unforeseen happens.

That being the case, it’s hard to justify working in the rain and relative cold today and this week. This coming weather pattern–whose preview today promises isolated but frequent showers and some downpours–is expected to keep us soggy and wet until about Friday or Saturday. Our super-extended summer that made every single day of September an autumn dream is coming to a rainy end. Nothing gold can stay.

So, I’m going to close this week and reopen next week Tuesday (Monday is Columbus Day and downtown will be sleepy). Watch for details for end-of-season sales, discounts and offers which will be announced Monday or Tuesday.

We’re gonna miss you guys and gals during winter hibernation. Come get your favorite dog next week because time is running out.

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