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VegNews Veggie Awards–vote for City Dogs!

VegNews Magazine just opened the polls for the annual Veggie Awards and City Dogs has been nominated for best food cart in the country!

Other SLC veg businesses are also named on the ballot, and we encourage you to write-in a few SLC companies that are not. If you read the fine print, you must provide an e-mail address and fill out at least half the ballot for it to be valid; by my counting that means you have to answer at least 18 questions, far more than those for which there is an SLC candidate. Voting ends August 31.

Vote here!

Make your own decisions, but here are the locals we voted for:

Favorite Fancy Vegetarian Restaurant: Sage’s Cafe

Favorite Casual Vegetarian Restaurant: write-in Vertical Diner

Favorite Vegan Bakery (Storefront): Cakewalk (maker of Dillos!); SLC’s City Cakes is also nominated.

Favorite Vegan Street Cart: City Dogs!!!! SLC’s Union Street Eats is also nominated.

Favorite Vegan Chocolate: write-in Chocolate Conspiracy

Favorite Veg Friendly City: Salt Lake City, of course

Favorite Farmed Animal Sanctuary: Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary

Please let me know if there’s an SLC candidate for another category that I have left off this list.

Happy voting!

Vote here!

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