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City Dogs on PETA’S Top 5 Veggie Dogs list

city dogSalt Lake City is home to one of the Top 5 Veggie Dogs in the nation, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA. The largest animal rights organization in the world selected City Dog’s signature dog, the City Dog, for their list of the most tantalizing American hotdogs.

Pickled asparagus, sports peppers (serranos), fresh diced tomatoes, onion, and celery salt on top of a tasty frank: that’s how the honored City Dog is served (photo). Add your own frills with toppings like Vegenaise, spicy brown mustard, sauerkraut, sweet relish, Tobasco, ketchup and yellow mustard.

In honor of PETA’s very cool list, today you can get a City Dog, chips and drink for $4. While supplies last, add a deliciously chilled dessert Dillo to that awesome summer meal and pay only $7 (reg. price $8.50). Wow, right?

Here at PETA, we know that nothing says “summer” like a delicious veggie dog fresh off the grill. So to celebrate the season, take a look at our list of favorites and discover where you can get your hands on the most delectable veggie dogs in America! Read more at>

Thanks PETA.

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  1. I wish you would sell the veggie dogs – we’ll fix them up when we get them in the mail. I live in Grantsville and it’s hard to run downtown for a hot dog. :D

    Do you make them yourself or order them from someone else?

    Thanks in advance –

    • The dogs are perishable and must be constantly refrigerated. Not being able to send them in the mail is a hassle for me too! I do not make the dogs myself. I order them from a distributor that has a refrigerated delivery trucks. They come from an Oregon company named Turtle Island, and are Tofurky brand.

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