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Special today–Mad Hatter meal, just $5

Update: I forgot the tempeh at the commissary and have no one ti go pick it up for me. The Mad Hatter will be the special tomorrow as a result.

Today’s special will be two Dee Dogs for $6 (reg. price $8). That’s cream cheese, avocado, jalapenos, and cheddar cheese on a tasty frank.

After a weekend of barely moving from my bed, I’m ready to hit the streets again.  Today we’re having a special on Mad Hatter salad wraps. Or, if you’re a gluten-free eater or just prefer it that way, we can serve the Mad Hatter on a bed of lettuce greens as you see on the left. Think tuna salad, but without the mercury contaminants found in virtually all tuna on the market today.

The Mad Hatter is steamed tempeh, parsely, celery, peas, pickles, lemon, dressing–finished with sunflower seeds, to complete the protein.

Did you know tempeh is even healthier for you than tofu and is the main source of protein for literally millions of Indonesians?

Tempeh comes from the same plant as tofu–soy–but is then fermented, not unlike cheese or yogurt.  The end result is a delicious, nutty, dense cake-like material that can be cut into pieces and boiled, grilled, steamed, etc. Tempeh is probably my favorite source of plant protein, but is relatively unknown to omnivore Americans.  I hope to change that.

The Mad Hatter is a delicious, nutrition-packed lunch. It’s low in fat and carbohydrates, but high in protein, fiber and vitamins. And if you get the wrap–which has flax in it–you’ll also get some omega fatty acids, one of those nutrients vegans sometimes worry about missing out on.  So stop missing out!

Today you can order a Mad Hatter salad or wrap and get a drink and chips all for just $5 (reg. price $6.50).  I’ll meet you at the corner. 

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