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Now serving Cakewalk Bakery’s Dillos-special today

It’s going to be a beautiful day and to celebrate City Dogs is lowering the price and introducing super-delicious Dillos, those most-famous desert cakes by Salt Lake City’s Cakewalk Baking Company.

Cakewalk was voted “Best Desserts and Sweets” by City Weekly readers in the Best of Utah 2011. Here’s what CW has to say about Dillos.

Don’t call them Twinkies or the corporate Big Brother might hear you and send legal threats to Cakewalk [Baking Company]! Cakewalk’s Dillos are more than just a faithful and animal-free reproduction of the classic cream-filled pillow; Cakewalk improves on the classic by creating them to actually taste like craft-made pastry (while maintaining all the junk-food goodness). Cakewalk’s array of animal-free cupcakes, dessert breads, cookies and muffins are all similarly uncompromising in their deliciousness and creativity. If you can’t imagine baking without butter, check out Cakewalk and be amazed.

Full disclosure: I actually wrote that paragraph in my previous job at City Weekly, but it was the thousands of voters who put Cakewalk on top.

Today at City Dogs, get a Dillo for just $2 more (usual price is $3) when you order any other item of $4 or mroe. Don’t worry if the weather gets hot; we’ll have them chilled. Come claim your square of grass and have a beautiful lunch on the corner of 200 East 300 South.

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