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Rained Out — Monday, May 9

Due to today’s cold and wet weather, City Dogs will not be open. We’ll be staying indoors–like most of you probably will.

We’ll post this news to Twitter and Facebook but we know some of you hate social networking services for various reasons.  If that’s you but you still want to receive very occasional messages from City Dogs about weather closures and wicked deals, then send an email to with your cell phone number and your cell phone service provider (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.). Put “signup” in the subject line and we’ll offer you a special discount on your next visit to City Dogs. We’ll never share your information with anyone and you can cancel at anytime.

Also, we are not ready to launch this today but we are discussing a food delivery service as well as catering service. Please ask about discounts and contact us about catering your next office meeting, daycare event, picnic, party or wedding (yes, of course, you can serve veggie dogs at a wedding!).

Lastly, I want to thank hosts Redirect Guide and all the awesome customers who got a dog from us Saturday at the Live Green Festival. We had a stellar day and made some awesome new friends.

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  1. I’ve long wanted to hire your cart for my (very eventual, definitely not ANY time soon) wedding, so that’s great to hear! I’m sure I can’t be the only one.

    • Yay, thanks! I would love to do a wedding. Where I grew up, most people had their receptions at the Amvets or KC Club and–while a lot did the traditional thing of serving a plate of chicken on a table cloth–a lot also served barbeque grill items, cold-cut sandwiches, etc., buffet style. I like that. City Dogs various dogs, salad wraps, The Best Potato Salad in Downtown Salt Lake CityTM and homemade chili with chipotle and fresh roasted cumin would make for a great wedding meal!


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