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Introducing Salad Wraps

We’re working furiously to get all our permits and inspections completed–and order inventory!!–so we can open in the first week in May. As soon as I am confident of what day we will open, I’ll make an announcement. Expect more news tomorrow about the new owner and all the exciting things going on at City Dogs.

In the meantime, I want to introduce you to some new fresh-food, local-produce menu items.  We’ll have at least three special salad wraps available this year, including:

  • The Madhatter–steamed tempeh salad, similar but better than tuna salad, without the mercury of tuna.
  • Headless Mike–crispy fried tempeh spiced with chili cobanero and other spices, similar to spicy fried chicken, with ranch dressing.
  • Taco Salad–soy-based taco meat with taco fixings.

They are healthy, on-the-go meals. Whenever possible, we’ll be using Salt Lake City-grown greens and other vegetables to fill the salad wraps.

The salad wraps will be $5–click here for the full menu–and will be made fresh every morning.

The Madhatter salad wrap

Tempeh cobanero

Spicy Nug from the Headless Mike salad wrap

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  1. Jesse,
    I am SO excited that you’re the one taking over the hot dog cart! I can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

    Hit me up if you’re interested in talking about dessert ideas, I would love to contribute.

    Good luck with this, Yaaaay!!!


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